Al Hussein Musical Band

فرقة الحسين الموسيقية



Al Hussein Musical Band was established in 1999 and named after the late beloved King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan (1935-1999) P.B.U.H., and is formally registered as an independent band in the Jordanian Ministry of Culture.

The band consists of 24 musicians of the best retired musical soldiers from the Jordanian Armed Forces. They play on brass and pipes instruments and are world wide known especially for the ( bagpipes ) performance that is unique.

The band is specialized in playing traditional, national, cultural, western, and familiar military marches and performs in different tattoos, parades, street shows, and for tourists and interested listeners inside and outside Jordan.The band also performs in sport games, graduation ceremonies, festivals, weddings, parties, balls, and wherever asked!

The members of this band dedicate all their time for the band performing for the good listeners inside and outside Jordan, and it’s their only source of income.
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Al Hussein Musical Band has lots of participations since its foundation, following are some of its most important participations in the last 5 years:

1) Inauguration of Ta'ameer Buidings under the Patronage of HRH Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein, Amman.
2) Closure ceremony of the Traditional Folklore Festival, Irbid.
3) Eid Al Adha Ceremony at Al Aqabah District Authority, Aqabah.

1) Jerash Summer Festival Inauguration, Jerash.
2) Official reception of tourist delegations, Amman.
3) Numerous Wedding Ceremonies.

1) National ceremonies of His Majesty's King Abdullah II 10th Annual Crowning and Jordan's 63rd Independence Day.
2) Honoring Traffic Police officers for their role in society, Jerash.

3) Participation in the worldwide (Jordan Festival), Amman.
4) Participation in ( Right to Play ) march under the patronage of the Minister of Culture,
5) Participation in the Annual Jordanian National Songs Festival, Amman.
6) Inauguration and Closure Ceremonies of the Annual Jordanian Theatre Festival, Amman.

1) Official participation in the people's welcome of His Majesty's King Abdullah II official visit to Jerash, Jerash.
2) Inauguration Ceremony of the Jordanian Capital of Culture 2010, Zarqa.
3) Official Ceremonies of both (Orange) and (Umniah) Companies of Telecommunications, Amman.
4) Graduation Ceremony of ( NYIT Amman ), Amman.
5) Amman Municipality Official Ceremonies in Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha.
6) Inauguration ceremony of the International Tourism Conference, Amman.
7) Honoring the Jordanian National Taekwondo Team for their international achievements, Jerash.
8) Entertainment Show at the Good-Bye Ceremony of a huge Tourists Ship at Aqabah Port, Aqabah.
9) Participation in the annual popular Spring Carnival, Amman.
10) Inauguration ceremonies of numerous Election Campaigns of candidates of the Jordanian Parliament.

1) National Ceremony of His Majesty's King Abdullah II 49th Birthday.
2) Graduation Ceremony of Habawwal Academy of Beauty.
3) Official Reception of a tourist's Norwegian delegation in King Hussein Airport, Aqabah.
4) Al Hayah Political Party Conference, Amman.


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Contacts information
To Ret. Lt. Colonel Nedal Rawhi Shaheen Mobile
P.O.Box: 925068 Amman 11190 Jordan
Telephone : + 962
79 7011864  

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